Flint Firelighters

Made in Germany out of native pinewood wool then soaked in a mixture of resin and wax to produce effective, ecological firelighters, which leave no residue. Comply with DIN EN 1860-3 and are delivered in an attractive gift tin. 

Contents 35 firelighters. 

Size 15 x 15,5 x 9.5 cm. 

Weight 630 g.

Price:  £14.90 Exc VAT

Refill - box fits perfectly into the tin
£6.90 Exc VAT

Fir Cone Firelighters

A completely biological fire lighter based on a fir cone wrapped with recycled cardboard then waxed. You don't need paper or kindling as one cone burns for 15 minutes at a high temperature and is quite sufficient to light a cosy fire. The cones are collected and finished by hand in Germany, making each one unique.

Bag contains 10 cones.
Price:  £8.30 Exc VAT