Useful items.

Ratchet Straps, Belts, Holsters, Boot Laces etc

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Combi Can

5Ltr petrol/2Ltr oil
Complete with no-spill spouts
Price: £19.80 Exc. VAT 

Combi Fuel & Oil Cannister PROFI 6+3

Combining a 6 litre petrol cannister with a 3 litre oil cannister. 

Delivered with two screw-on caps and one black spout pourer. 

UN certified. 

Weight: 1070 g. 

Price:  £21.50 Exc VAT

Combi Fuel & Oil Cannister PROFI 3+1.5 
Pro 3+1.5 Combination Canister
 3.5 litre fuel and 1.5 litre oil combination canister. Delivery includes spout.
Certified by the UN.
Weight: 585 g.
Price:  £15 Exc VAT

No Spill Spout
Refill System for Fuels
To fit Profi Combi can.
Suitable for all chainsaws.
Insert into chainsaw tank and open. Shuts off automatically when tank is full, so no over-filling or drips.

Price:  £10 Exc VAT

Saddle Bag
A "saddle" bag for combi-canisters to carry spouts and basic tools. Made in nylon. 

Weight: 80 g. 

Does not include canister or tools. 

Price:  £12 Exc VAT

Carrying Strap - For the Profi Combi Can

Adjustable carrying strap with 2 karabiner hooks. 

Max length: 1.90 m.

Price:  £6.65 Exc VAT

Kindling Splitter by Flint

With the Flint Kindling Knife System you'll produce the best kindling for your fire or wood burning stove.

Mount the knife system on a solid wall.

Place a small log on the appropriate tooth, set the blade on the upper side of the log, keep a hold of it with one hand and then split it with a light push down.

Fibrous woods like fir, pine, birch or ash are best.

  • Robust cast iron
  • Easy to assemble with fittings included
  • Practically maintenance-free
  • Shock-free chopping
  • Secure operation
  • Logs up to 35cm long
  • Weight 4 kg
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Price: £82.50 Exc VAT

Hatchet with Ash Handle

Professional quality made in Germany
• forged from C45 steel, according to DIN 5131B/7295
• ideal for pruning smaller stems, shredding, chipping, splitting etc

Blade cover included
Ash handle
Head weight (g):600
Length (mm):360

Price: £12 Excl VAT

Wedges Model Sfix 
Both sides sharpened. 

Claw type teeth. 

For firm fixing of axe heads and hammers.

Ring Wedges
Wedges split wood into all directions.

Excellent handle positioning for all kinds of handles.

Price from:  £0.85 Excl VAT

Ratchet lashing Strap - 10 metre length

5 tonne Minimum Breaking Strain
50MM Webbing Width With Chassis Hooks at Either End
EN12195 2

10 tonne Minimum Breaking Strain
75 mm Webbing Width with Chassis Hooks at Either End
LC 5000daN

* Supple Polyester Webbing ( For Protection Of Delicate Loads )
* Quality Positive Ratchet
* Inherently Absorbant Of Shocks
* As Supplied To Many Leading Transport Companies

410f936c-1e54-49df-a968-bca0044747b6jpg                                                  54800b13-cdfc-4b6c-b848-57add3c75463jpg
Price: from £12.08 Exc VAT

Ochsenkopf Professionals' Forestry Belt

Consists of two elements: a 45 mm wide leather belt and back padding. 

The inner surface of the back padding is breathable and removable.

Very comfortable to wear even when fully loaded (wedges, mobile phone and tool bag).  Attachments and tools not included!

For waists 80 - 120 cm 

Price: £33.25 Exc VAT  

Ochsenkopf Sappie Holder

Practical holder for a hand sappie with quick access when needed and safe carriage when not. 

Made of tough polyester with a belt loop.  Easy to attach with a snap buckle and can be moved to the side. 

Weight 150 g.

Price:  £11.58 Exc VAT

Ochsenkopft Wedge Pouch

Holster with belt loop for wedges and other tools. 

Weight: 150 g.

Price:  £11 Exc VAT

Ochsenkopf Measuring Tape Holder

Made of polyester with an anchor point and guide ring for the measuring tape.

Size 250 x 155 mm.

Weight 105 g.

Price:  £9.95 Exc VAT

Solidur Belt

Leather belt

Double lance
Two loops
Width 40 mm
Length 120cm

Price:  £14.50 Exc VAT

Leather Work Belt

Heavy duty, strong leather belt unstitched so is suitable for trimming.  Double studded buckle and loop.

Length 130cm

Width: 37mm
Depth: 5mm

Price:  £10.50 Exc VAT

Leather Holster

For carrying wedge and hand tongs.  Heavy grade leather.

Price:  £10.50 Exc VAT

Nordforest Lumber Crayon - Red
Hexagonal Nordforest lumber crayon.  Box of 12 

Diameter: 12 mm.

Length: 12 cm. 

Forestry Marking Chalk - Red
No paper covering. Box of 12.

Hexagonal with Ø 11 mm.

Length: 11 cm. 

Price from:  £5.00 Excl VAT

Wire Brushes

3 and 4 row brushes available

Price: from £1.60  Exc VAT

Boot Laces

Long  for chainsaw boots.  

210cm long
Mixed Fibres
Price:  £1.95 Exc VAT
Can be posted via royal mail - email for postal charges


Bag of 100.
390mm x 4.8mm (15" x 3/16")
Silver colour 

Price:  £3.95  Exc VAT