J1 New England Style

These chokers are made with a ferrule on one end and a turnback eye with 3 links of 3/8' Grade 70 chain on other.  A micro hook slides on general purpose wire rope.

The J1 choker can be connected to the winch line using a log slide (LS1) and a hammerlok.  

Available in 1/2" or 9/16" (12mm or 14mm) according to length.

From 2'6" up to 15', any size of your choice can be obtained, non stock items will incur a delay.

Price from £25.00 Exc VAT

J2   Two Button

A ferrule on each end of general purpose wire rope with a sliding micro hook. The J2 requires purpose designed slider for connection to winch line, two types currently available. (LS6 and LS7)

Available in 1/2" or 9/16" (12mm or 14mm) according to length.

From 2' up to 16'6", any size of your choice can be obtained, non stock items will incur a delay.

Price from: £13.91 Exc VAT

Sleeve Type Hook Slider - LS7

For connecting J2 choker to winch line.  

Chokers are positively locked with an exclusive 'screwy' rope slot, yet can be easily removed with a simple twist action.  Features a smaller sliding slot to hold against the end ferrule on the winch line and gather ring type hooks. Designed for greater rope bearing to reduce winch line kink.

Price: £15.40 Exc VAT

Ring Type Hook Slide - LS6

This slider is formed with narrower neck which has a greater curve for multiple sliders to come together at the end of the winch line.  It has a larger opening for ease of movement. Ideally one LS7 should be placed at the end of the line to the ferrule to hold multiples of these in place.                  

Log Slide ( LS1)

Log Slide for connecting chokers to winch line via Hammerlok

Large opening allows for easy movement over main winch line.  The saddle step design reduces winch line kinking and wear.  Recommended for 1/2", 9/16", 5/8" and 3/4" (12mm to 19mm) winch lines.

Price: £12.90 Exc VAT

Hammerlok/Chain Connector


For connection of J1 New England style cable chokers to LS1 log slide

Also used to connect keyhole type grab links to a log slide for use with choker chains.

The rolling lock pin allows flexibility in the connection.

Size: 10mm G8  or 8mm G10 or 6mm G10

LS3 Micro Midget Choker Hook / Bardon Hook

Made from alloy Steel. 

These hooks will work with 1/2" (12mm) wedge ferrule assembly for repair of 1/2" (12mm) chokers.

Price:  £7.75 Exc VAT

Wedge Ferrule Assembly

Wedge ferrules let you make up an end termination on winch lines in minutes - no socket metal or swaging is required.  Ferrules are made of high strength alloy steel which resists slipping or cracking under severe loads. Rifled wedges provide more gripping surface for greater holding power.  These also make a much more user friendly termination than a knot as there are no frayed ends.

Available in four sizes.

Fitting instructions are included but here are some pictures to help.
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Price from:  £15 Exc VAT

SEL 08 Rope End Cap

Grade 10.

For high performance rope winches                 

SEL 08    

Max Tensile Force 6t       

Rope 8 to 12mm      

Price:   £24.40 Exc VAT

Cable Ø mm:8 - 12
Length :230mm
Max. authorised tensile force (daN): 6T
Price:  £32.07 Exc VAT

Cable end piece SE-VKL-DW 7/8

Rope end with shortening tab, rotatable curved (45 degree)

Cable Ø mm:8 - 12

Length (mm):270

Permissible tensile force: 6 ton

Weight:1.37 kg

Price:  £30.25 Exc VAT


Heat treated drop forged alloy keyhole type grab link.  Elongated saddle on bottom doesn't cut or gouge chain.  Long shaft can accommodate two chains, used to secure and shorten chain chokers.  For use with 10mm chains.

Price: £11.50 Exc VAT

Chain Choker WA1 (10mm)

 WA1 Square link, a grade 100 equivalent in strength, is embossed every 5th link for easy identification.  Square design allows for better grip on tree butt. Not approved for overhead lifting.  Pre-assembled 8' (2.4m) choker with loggerhook, pin type choker hook

Requires 10mm slider.

Price: £53.33 Exc VAT

Chain Choker WA2 (10mm)

WA2 Round link, a grade 110 equivalent in strength, is embossed every 6th link for easy identification.  WA2 is suitable for overhead lifting.  Pre-assembled 8' choker with pin type choker hook.

Requires a 10mm slider.               

Price:  £54.00 Exc VAT                                             

Nordforest Chain Choker 7mm

With clevis hook and needle

This choker chain is particularly impressive due square links for good grip and its high breaking load (7.8T). 
Available in two lengths
2m weighing 3.54Kg
2.5m weighing 4.24kg

Price: from £26.60 Exc VAT

Pewag Joker V Grade 100 Choker Chains

With clevis hook and needle. 

This special profile shape from Pewag have decisive advantages and are therefore highly appreciated by professionals.

  • higher tensile force at the same weight
  • greater wear resistance when skidding
  • weight savings (about 25%) compared to standard chains
  • increased grip in icy conditions, hardwood and on steep slopes
  • 6mm chain,  Length 2m, weight 2.2kg, minimum breaking strength 6.4t
  • 8mm chain,  Length 2m, weight 3.7kg, minimum breaking strength 12t
Price: from £32.50 Exc VAT

Granit 8mm Choker 12T

Square Profile Choker Chain with needle

Thickness:  8mm
Breaking load (kN): 120 (12ton)
Length (m):  2m or 2.5 metres
Weight: 3.96kg or 4.77 kg

Price from:  £36.50 Exc VAT

G70 Chain Choker (8mm or 6mm)

7ft (2.13m),  grade 70, 8mm chain choker with needle.  

Working load limit 4.26T

Also available in 6mm.
Price from £22.50

Keyhole Glider


Available in three sizes

6mm (blue)

8mm (red)

10mm (yellow)


Keyhole Slider with Swivel
For cables up to 16mm 

Swivel cable slide for square and round chains up to 8 mm.
Weight 700 g.
Minimum breaking load 9 T


Price:  £12 Excl VAT

Slider with Pulley
Pulley with keyhole slider. 

Especially rope-friendly. 

Also suitable for short-term distraction. 

Suitable for winch ropes up to 14 mm diameter. 

For 6mm to 8 mm chains.

Weight 1.2 kg.


Price:  £28.25 Exc VAT

Chain Lengths


Length of Grade 70, 8mm chain.  

Working load limit 4.26T
Embossed on every 6th link for identification. 

Chain cut to length from continuous reel.  If size you require is not visible, please contact us.
Price: £6.66 per metre Exc VAT

Choker Hook for 8mm chain


Price:  £7.50 Exc VAT

Choker Hook for 10mm chain

The Loggerhook chain hook is lighter than most conventional hooks but carries the same working load limit as its larger counterparts. Features include a locking pin rather than a bolt for uniform wear. This hook will accept 10mm chains. Large inside width allows easy chain movement. Narrow slotted tip helps to prevent unhooking.

Price:  £12.05 Exc VAT

Skidding Hook / Log Dog

Manufactured by Pewag for driving into small sized stems.
To weld onto 8mm chain
Weighs 610g

Price:  £19 exc VAT

Grab Rob
For pulling chain chokers under logs.

Made from hardened steel to hold it's curve.

Price £23.75 - Temporarily out of stock