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SRLF Rope Pulley with Rigid Side Plates

Roller made of steel, electro galvanised, with ball bearing and plastic coated side plates with captive screw plug.


  • SRL F9        Tensile Force  3t      Sheave 90mm        Rope Max  10mm  £69.95 Exc   
  • SRLF 13      Tensile Force 5t      Sheave 130mm      Rope Max  14mm  £100.18 Exc  
  • SRLF 16      Tensile Force 16t    Sheave 159mm      Rope Max  14mm  £300.52 Exc  Contact us for availability
  • SRLF 24      Tensile Force 24t     Sheave 240mm      Rope Max  16mm  £477.23 Exc  Contact us for availability

Pewag SRL 10 Rope Pulley Open

Deflection pulley for winch rope for trailing and choking in tight woods,
Steel roller with ball bearings, electro-galvanized.  With connecting element for tree protection device. The rope can be inserted directly

Payload 2.5t      Pulley 100mm     Rope Max 10mm   Weight 3.18 kg

Despatch - 2 weeks.

Price: POA

SRL 07 Rope Pulley Open

Deflection pulley for winch rope for trailing and choking in tight woods.  

The rope can be inserted directly.


SRL 07         Payload 7t    Pulley 160mm       Rope Max 14mm  

Length: 260 mm.   Width: 195 mm.   Weight: 5.2 kg

Price: £165.82 Exc VAT

SRLB Rope Pulley with movable side plates.

Roller made of steel, electrogalvanized with ball bearing.  Side plates with plastic coated eyelets.  Rope assembly by twisting the side plates.


SRLB14     SWL6t    Pulley 140mm     Rope max 14mm   

Price:  £162.02 Exc VAT


Guide pulley self-triggering (rope pulley for automatic removal).  For dragging/ground course only (not lifting). Therefore not required to be CE marked but is plated with serial number and tensile force/payload limits.

For the deflection of winch cables, even on long distances. 

As soon as the rope sliding lug or the main hooks reach the roller, the trigger mechanism is actuated and the winch rope is released. 

Steel roller with ball bearing.  

Appropriate for persons working alone.  Automatic change of direction when pulling.  The rope falls out of the pulley by hitting the sliding shoe.
Max Rope size 12mm
Tensile force 9ton
Sheave diameter 130mm

   3d4b78bc-7f82-45e8-8820-3fe46521248djpg95bdaf82-31e2-420d-8ac1-9014b24c7d39jpgSling not included.

Price:  £217.25 Exc VAT 

Other pulleys

Yarding Block


  • HM Type       SWL 1t          Sheave dia.  100mm             EM Type SWL 1t            Sheave dia. 100mm
Price from £24.45 Exc VAT

Heavy Duty Snatch Block

  • SB Type         SWL 2t       Sheave dia.  75mm      
  • SB Type         SWL 4t       Sheave dia. 115mm
  • SB Type         SWL 8t       Sheave dia.  150mm
Price from: £49.97 Exc VAT

8 Tonne Swing Block

  • A Vital Device For A Recovery Process or 4x4
  • Fitted With High Quality Grease Nipple On Spindle
  • Swing Out Plates Pivot at Pulley Shaft for Easy Engagement / Disengagement From Winch Cable
  • For Use With Cable Diameter up to 14.5mm
  • L 260mm x W 130mm x 65mm Hole diameter
  • Weight 3.3kg

Price: £23.60 Exc VAT

Round Slings


Polyester Endless Round Slings

Range of safe working load sizes in various lengths.

These high quality and durable round slings are ideal for lifting applications as an alternative to chain slings, wire rope slings or webbing slings.  Light weight and easy to transport, a cost effective and efficient alternative. 

100% Polyester EN1492-2 : 2000

Factor of Safety: 7:1

Price from: £4.43 Exc VAT