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Felco C16 Cable Cutters

Two hand cable cutters for cutting steel cables up to 16 mm diameter. 

Also suitable for steel springs and metal rods up to the same size. 

Excellent cutting performance.  

Replaceable blades. 

Length: 630 mm. 

Weight: 2300 g. 

Price:  £220 Exc. VAT

EB3/4LBL  Lump Hammer

Our favourite Estwing tool. This 4lb lump hammer is forged in one piece and has a long handle (16") to help give an extra mighty blow. No more loose handles and flying heads! 

Also available in 3lb (1.4kg)
Price from : £35.64 Exc VAT


Standard 11" length handle also available
Price: £37.59


Lump Hammer

  • Polished ash handle
  • Length 300mm
  • Weight 1.5kg

Price: £20.50 Exc VAT

Estwing Sportsman's Axe

Blade 3.25" (82mm)
Length 14" (356mm)

Forged in one piece with sealed leather grip
Sheath (with belt loop) included
Price: £41.47


Estwing Tomahawk Axe

Estwing's solid forged Tomahawk Axes are balanced for optimal control; hot forged and heat treated to offer excellent durability, whilst remaining lightweight and easy to carry.  Designed for the sportsman and serious professionals 
Leather Grip or  Shock Reduction Grip in Black or Blue
Used for breaching, excavation, extrication, trenching, cutting and digging

Face Pointed

Length: 16.1/4" / 412mm

Weight:  771grams (27oz)
Sheath (with belt loop) included


Price: from £49.61

Walther TacToma Tomahawk
This Tomahawk is a very handy tool for virtually all outdoor activities. 

Made of black coated, 420 stainless steel with a tough nylon handle, it’s good for all types of weather and temperatures.

Nylon sheath to wear on a belt included.

Blade length: 12.3 cm. 

Overall length: 42 cm. 

Weight: 765 g.
Price:  £45.82 Exc VAT

Estwing Double Bit Axe
Solid forged Double Bit Axes are balanced for optimal control with bevelled blades to reduce binding; the double blade means less sharpening, they are hot forged and heat treated for excellent durability
Length 17" (431mm)

Weight:  38oz (1.088kg)
Sheath (with belt loop) included


Price: from £49.61

Hatchet with Ash Handle

Professional quality made in Germany
• forged from C45 steel, according to DIN 5131B/7295
• ideal for pruning smaller stems, shredding, chipping, splitting etc

Blade cover included
Ash handle
Head weight (g):600
Length (mm):360

Price: £12 Excl VAT

Kindling Splitter by Flint

With the Flint Kindling Knife System you'll produce the best kindling for your fire or wood burning stove. 

Mount the knife system on a solid wall. 

Place a small log on the appropriate tooth, set the blade on the upper side of the log, keep a hold of it with one hand and then split it with a light push down. 

Fibrous woods like fir, pine, birch or ash are best. 

  • Robust cast iron
  • Easy to assemble with fittings included
  • Practically maintenance-free
  • Shock-free chopping
  • Secure operation
  • Logs up to 35cm long
  • Weight 4 kg
1f46e889-0bb4-47b6-9130-d2e489ac77f0jpg                             b6fdbfaa-f2b0-43c3-a042-c39e319da5bfjpgfa0d7184-d1c7-48e4-9b8c-bfb64a4cd2fejpg
Price:  £82.50 Exc VAT

Drawe Shawe

Traditionally made forged wood working hand tool. 
Slightly curved blade.  Honed and ready to use
Blue handles


Price £27.50 Exc VAT 

Drawe Shawe by Cherry - Straight blade

with wooden handles. 

Blade thickness 4.0 to 4.5 mm.

Blade Length 225mm


Price:  £33.25 Exc VAT

Mora 120 Wood Carving Knife

An excellent wood carving knife, and great control with a nice fat birch handle, and a razor sharp 60mm, 2.7mm thick blade that is easy to maintain.

The mora wood carver will even cut ash and cherry hardwood,  due to its short powerful blade.

Comes with a tough plastic sheath for ease of storage and carry.

Blade Length 60 mm.

Blade Width 2.7 mm.

Blade Laminated Steel.

Sheath Material ABS plastic.

Handle Material Oiled Birchwood.

Made in Sweden.

Price: £15 Exc. VAT

Mora 162S Wood Carving Hook Knife  

A specialised tool for wood carving. It's very suitable for spooning wood, for example to cut spoons. The round shape enables you to carve wood in a way that you couldn't do with a regular knife. 
The blade is sharpened on three sides, (also at the end). This makes the tool very versatile. If you work creatively with wood carving, this tool is practically indispensable.


Carbon steel
Blade length: 5.5 cm
Length: 15.1 cm
Blade height: 1.4 cm
Blade thickness: 2 mm
Hardness: 60 HRC
Weight: 54 grams
Handle: oiled birch wood
Made in Sweden

Price: £23.33 Exc. VAT

MORA Sapwood Knife
Similar to the above.

Open, round blade, tapered, single-edged. 

Length 160 mm

Weight 55 g

Price:  £23.33 Exc VAT

Morakniv Chisel

High carbon steel blade with a hardness rating of HRC 59-60. Ground on the front cutting edge. 

The large TPE rubber handle enhances safety; it’s ergonomic and impact resistant, with finger protection.

Includes sheath. 

Blade length 7.8 cm. 

Overall length 19.4 cm. 

Weight 132 g.

Price:  £10.50 Exc VAT


The blade of this work knife is made of high carbon steel with a hardness rating of 59-60 HRC. 

Shock proof, ergonomic handle made of TPE rubber with finger protection. 

Blade length 9.1 cm. 

Overall length 20.7 cm. 

Weight 115 g.

Includes sheath. 

Price:  £8.50 Exc VAT  

MORAKNIV Craftline Basic 511
The different colour guards and handles indicate different types of blade steel.
The sheaths are made of black plastic.
Stainless steel.
Length 20.6 cm.
Blade 9.1 cm.
Thickness 2.0 mm.
Weight 117 g.

Price: £8.00 Exc VAT

Mora Classic Wood Splitter 

Features dual red birch wood handles and a sharp, durable carbon steel blade. Mora knives made from high carbon steel achieve high hardness, sharpen easily and are exceptionally tough. High carbon steels are preferred in applications that demand durability and frequent regrinding.

The material is harder than stainless steel, allowing it to hold a sharper and more durably acute edge.

  • Classic wood-splitting knife with carbon steel blade
  • Overall lenght: 359mm
  • Blade length: 114mm
  • Weight: 151g
  • Red ochre birch handles
  • Made in Sweden
Price:  £24.50 Exc VAT

Bill Hook

For Farm-Hobby

28cm or 30cm  with leather handle

Quality steel blade - sharpened ready for use.


Sulmona hook.  30 cm blade for fitting to long handle (not included)

     Sulmona hookjpg

Price £15.42 Exc VAT

Felling Break Bar Levers
with cant hook.  
Angled handle for easier lifting.
130cm.  Weight 3.85kg - £54.17 Exc
80cm. Weight 2.15kg - £37.50 Exc

EIA mini Felling Lever
Length: 43 cm. Weight: 740 g. - £22.50 Exc VAT

Spencer Super Logger's Tape
 A “Super Spring” made of pre-tensioned Swedish steel guarantees the tape returning into the housing consistently and smoothly. The tape itself is made of a special steel and coated in yellow with clear, easily read black markings for centimetres and decimetres and red markings for metres.

Price:  £32.50 Exc VAT

Release hook type B, complete
Replacement part for Spencer 15 metre, 20 metre and 25 metre measuring tapes.
Price:  £4.00 Exc VAT

Estwing Sure-Split Wedge
5 lb wedge has a revolutionary concept in design which makes splitting wood fast and easy.  This wedge has a fast taper head for easy starting. The Sure Split fins permit extra wedge action and the sledge will continue through out below the wood line for sure splitting. 

Price: £17.29

EKLIND HEX KEY SETS in compact holder

The Eklind 1.5 - 10.0mm Eklind (Blue), 9 Key Hex-L Key Set; produced from the highest quality Eklind alloy steel and heat treated for high strength, finished to resist rust, the superior quality provides maximum torque/prevents rounding out of key or hex socket

Long or short options.

Price from: £5.77 Exc VAT

Channellock Fence ToolWire Stretcher

The Channellock 10" Fence Tool
Hammer on one jaw, staple and puller on the other
Wire stretcher, splicer and two cutters
Blue comfort grip

Price: £28.56

Tri Saw logopng

Pull Saws with Japanese Teeth

Tri Saw saws offer professional Tree Surgeons, Foresters and all Garden Owners just the right type of saw for the task in hand.  Tri-Saw's product range include hand-saws, folding saws, pocket and branch saws for all sorts of tree care, orchard work, pruning and building with wood. 

Long Service Life Under Rugged Conditions
All Tri Saws are manufactured to the highest technical standards yet still offer excellent value for money.  Pull saws greatly reduce the amount of effort required.  The teeth of these Japanese saws are triple ground to razor sharpness then hard chrome plated.  The saw blade backs are narrow ground to give the smoothest and cleanest of cuts, so any work on living wood heals quickly. 

Tri Saw® TS 30 K Hand Saw
Pull saw specially developed for tree surgery and for use when climbing.

Has a large plastic handle with a soft, ribbed cover to give excellent grip in all conditions. 

The sheath has a top roller and clamping device to ensure the saw cannot fall out whatever the angle. It is also equipped with a removable webbing belt loop. 

Teeth width: 3.75 mm.  Made from SK5 steel

Saw length: 300 mm. 

Weight: 336 g.

Price:  £29.90 Exc VAT

Tri Saw® 180T Garden Pocket Saw (folding, curved blade) 
Pull saw ideal for all gardening and orchard jobs. 

The handle housing is made in chrome plated steel with a rubber-like coating to give excellent grip even in the wet with dirty hands. 

In comparison to other similar products the Tri Saw® 180T Garden Pocket Saw offers an extra feature; the blade can be locked at an angle to allow you to cut flat surfaces. 

The top quality blade gives a very clean cut, allowing the plants to heal quickly. 

Teeth width: 3.5 mm. 

Length: 180 mm. 

Weight: 190 g.
Price:  £13.50 Exc VAT

Tri Saw TSR32
Pull saw for quick sawing freshly cut wood. 

Offset teeth (reamer tooth) and spacers for optimal removal of sawdust 

Varnished handle. 

The blade is tapered from teeth to back for smoothest cutting. 
Teeth width: 4 mm. 

Blade length: 320 mm. 
Sheath weight: 23g

Saw weight: 205 g.

Sheath and replacement blade available in drop down options.


Price:  £17.00 Exc VAT

Tri Saw® Wood TS32 (TS13 NT)

Curved hand saw.
4 mm teeth width. 

 Natural wood handle. 

 Blade sharpened from rear to tip. 

 Nickle plated carbon steel. 

 Saw length: 300 mm. 

 Weight 250 g.
Please note handle is the same as the TSR32 (above)
Sheath not included.

Price:  £17 Exc VAT
Replacement blade £14.15 Exc VAT

Tri Saw® Hand saws with Paloma Handles

Developed by the professional tree surgeon Paloma Ziegelmeier.

The ergonomic shape of the oiled plywood allows for sawing at many different angles without twisting the wrist. The design also allows for delicate cuts on smaller plants as well as powerful strokes on larger branches.

Normal:  with the index finger through the handle's hole the upper arm muscle takes the strain of the pulling action.  On the push stroke, the thumb has a counter pressure point on the top of the handle and the power comes from the pectoral muscles.
Smaller branches:  with the index finger on the top of the handle and middle finger through the hole, there is less pressure on the branch and greater accuracy.
Larger branches:  using the pistol grip allows more pressure to be exerted making for a more effective cut without using much force.
Undercut:  no need to twist the wrist when cutting a branch from below; turn the saw over and cut with the index finger through the hole and the remaining fingers gripping what is normally the top edge.
Stretched:  the small spur at the end of the handle still allows a good grip when stretching to reach a branch.

Normal                                  Smaller branches            Larger branches              Undercut                             Stretched
9a07c9fa-3f1e-47f1-a1dc-c08d98ead8aajpg  296f8bf7-ddec-4973-99b5-b82c1ef7e2a6jpg  d27c1ec5-d571-45eb-86c6-c0926c273ecfjpg  1588e185-d7d8-4b3a-b22c-8f4e94098debjpg  04225742-8055-4b86-b024-3a166b3ce78djpg

Tri Saw® TS 32 (TS 13 NT) Hand Saw with Paloma Handle
Pull saw. Ground more narrow from teeth to back for the smoothest cut and teeth slightly offset. 

Made in hard chrome plated SK5 steel with extra hardened teeth. 
Gives a very smooth, clean cut. Optimised for forestry work and tree care. 

This unique handle has been designed for various holds and angles (see above for details) and is available for small or normal sized hands.

Teeth width: 4 mm. 

Saw length: 320 mm. 

Tri Saw TS32NTjpg

Price: £34.00 Exc VAT
Sheath/scabbard and replacement blade available in drop down options 

Tri Saw® R 320 Hand Pull Saw with Paloma Handle
With slightly offset teeth to remove sawdust from the cut.    Ideal for cutting growing branches quickly.

SK4 steel

Teeth width: 4 mm. 

Saw length: 320 mm.

Available in small and standard handle sizes. 
Sheath/scabbard (not included) and replacement blade available in drop down options

Price:  £34.00

Tri Saw® Plastic Saw Scabbard
With a teeth wheel and belt loop.
Suitable for Tri Saw® Wood TS32 (TS-13 NT), R320 and TSR32

Price:  £11.00 Exc VAT

Tri Saw Sheath

Strong plastic sheath with belt loop 

Fits Tri Saw TS 32, TSR32 and R 320. 

Weight 215 g.

Price: £7.00 Exc VAT

Samurai Pruning Saw

Heavy duty curved pruning saw - cuts on the backward stroke
​330mm blade
4mm impulse hardened teeth
Flexible and detachable belt loop
Very sharp, durable and efficient cutting action
Ergonomic soft pistol grip handle with end stop. This increases cutting efficiency and reduces fatigue
Replacement blades available.
Price: £23.75

Estwing Steel Gold Pan
The pan contains different spaced and size trussels in which to catch gold particles in. 

Price from £12.73

Bulldog Grass Hook

For cutting rough grass, weeds and general roadside and field maintenance
Flat blade is ground on both sides
Can be used left or right handed
Handle Length 150mm

Price:  £15.23

Bulldog Premier Hedging Spade - genuine planting spade


  • Solid Forged
  • Treaded
  • Ideal for working in confined spaces when planting
  • Curved blade cuts through soil with the minimum of effort
  • Treads stop slippage in wet and muddy conditions
  • Head Size (L) 240mm (W) 115mm
Prices:   Ash Shaft £31.73
      Fibreglass shaft £38.57

Hand tool for lifting and moving logs or cut timber.

Weight 550grams.  Handle length 38cm


PRICE:  £16.25 Exc. VAT



  • Smooth Ash handle
  • Handle length (mm):800
  • Head weight (g):550
  • Weight:1.07 kg

Price: 27.95 Exc VAT

Bison Profileline Hand Sappie - two sizes
Bison hand tools are made of top quaility steel. They are pressed in dies, forged on air hammers, then finely polished and sharpened ready for use.

With an ergonomically shaped, strong and bend-resistant steel oval tube handle and forged tool steel head additionally hardened at the top and sharpened tip. The plastic hand-hold provides outstanding grip even when wearing gloves. The superbly balanced head and very sharp tip ensures a good hold even in hard and frozen wood.

In two lengths for all uses:
450 mm - ideal for lifting and stacking Weight: 880g
850 mm - ideal for pulling and moving Weight: 1400g

Price from: £37.50 Exc VAT

Hand Tongs

d32db1bc-477c-45bd-b802-ef30d3fdb794jpg 6ff996c1-50f6-466e-8493-d656164c5cf2jpg

Price: £10.00 Exc VAT

Ochsenkopf Hand Tongs 
For skidding or dragging logs.  Quality small hand tongs made in Austria.
Forged design, tips hardened.
2-component handle made of cork and plastic - particularly handy and ergonomic.
Claw opening 185 mm
Handle length 150 mm
Weight 480 g
Price:  £28.75 Exc VAT

Combi Can

5Ltr petrol/2Ltr oil
Complete with no-spill spouts
Price:  £19.80 Exc. VAT


20 Litre Petrol can with safety lock pin

Quality metal 0.8mm thickness

Paddy Hopkirk Jerry Can features steel fabrication and is lined with a special corrosion resistant internal coating to prevent rusting.  With unique wide channel breather for smoother pouring. Baylent cap closure is leak proof with the can in any position, with additional protection of a locking pin to prevent accidental opening. 

 Price: £19.95

Filing Block
Practical device to sharpen saw chains at the workplace. Drive filing clamp into a tree stump. Clamps hold the saw guide bar. Easy removal by hitting it sideways.
Dimensions 130 mm x 75 mm
Weight 350 g 
PRICE:  £10 Exc VAT

Sold individually or box of 12.


PRICE:  From £1.20 Exc. VAT


Round File 7/32" (5.5mm) Suits 3/8" pitch chain
Round File 3/16" (4.8mm) Suits 0325 pitch chain


PRICE: From £2.50 Exc VAT

Rocwood Chainsaw Chain Oil - 5 litre

Quality,  anti-fling saw chain oil recommended for all chainsaws

Tacky - lubricates all parts of the chainsaw cutting components, which reduces wear and extends working life.

Price: £10.50 Exc VAT